The Genderfluid, Geeky, Modern, Quirky And DIY Millennial Decors

Let it be known that home decor has greatly evolved with the arrival of Millennials. In fact, now that more and more young adults are becoming homeowners, they bring with them the inspiration of a lifestyle that is trying to breaks all the social clichés and expectations that contrive people. Millennials are not only digital-savvy; they also have a natural desire of making the world better. Whether it’s greener, fairer, more peaceful or simply family-friendlier, their aspirations in life impact greatly on their decor at home. Life every generation before them, they are different from their parents. Whether they do things better or not is an open question that every generation claim to have the answer to. But ultimately, there’s a sense of playfulness, relaxation and individualism in Millennial home designs that brings a wind of renewal to the typical portrait of the home sweet home. Millennials are, after all, genderfluid, geeky, quirky, modern, DIY-enthusiastic, and, above and for all, practical. It’s only natural that their decors follow the same patterns that the ones which guide their lives.

 Modern minimalism

Your home, your lifestyle

When it comes to adding value to the home, most homeowners consider the possibility to increase the selling price of their property; Millennials, however, use a different approach when it comes to value. Indeed, for a Millennial homeowner, an improvement project is designed to improve their life. Consequently; there is no home improvement work without a thorough life audit. As home is the heart of their lifestyle; the improvement opportunities are ranked against the potential they deliver to the lifestyle and personal priorities of the inhabitants. As more and more young adults choose to work from home, they invest a lot of time and money in making their remote work work and their healthy work/life balance stand the home office threat. As a result, their home is a balanced mixture of healthy, inspiring and personal.

The rainbow home

Terms such as genderfluid or genderless are started to appear in a variety of sectors, from the MTV film awards – which rewarded Emma Watson in their first gender-neutral ceremony for her role in Beauty and the Beast – to some high-street fashion stores who have designed genderless sections. Gender is a topic that has almost been banned in the Millennial language, to the point where they don’t always understand the issue behind the gender gap pay and opportunities. They don’t see gender as a feature worth mentioning. Consequently, their choices of decor are not defined by typical gender stereotypes, such as keeping the boy’s bedroom blue and the girl’s en-suite bathroom pink. They love a rainbow accent all around their home, such as this blogger who’s added a playful touch to the interior decor. When asked to pick her favourite colour for her home, Amina chose rainbow and decided to create a rainbow-inspired wall for her happy place. She, and her partner Salvatore, created bright and creative rooms, far from any decorative cliché. Other Millennials may not be as comfortable with the combination of colours in the same room, so they choose to create a Rubik’s cube-inspired home, where each room has a specific scheme. Colours are then picked for their emotional properties, such as using red to raise your energy level or yellow to share happiness.

The modern minimalist home

Millennials have grown with technology. As a result, many of them research the comfort of modernity and the sleek design of their favourite gadgets under their roof. They value modern and minimalist accents that bring the space at the heart of everyday life. Per definition, their decor prefers simplicity over complex functionality. Like a well-designed app, they want their decor to excel at one thing only, namely embellishing their lifestyle. The shapes are therefore kept uncomplicated, clean and open, and the personality is conveyed through the smart use of materials and textures. Thus, they prefer clear and straight floor plans that maximise openings for doors and windows to fill each room with light. They then use curtains and blinds to throw a personal touch to the interior design. Minimal furniture makes for large spaces filled with light. On the wall, the elegant modern design of a smartphone-controlled thermostat serves as a decorative element.

The quirky vintage home

Being strongly involved with the digital side of the world doesn’t mean that Millennials dislike vintage decors. In fact, more and more young adults are looking at ways to create a quirky and fun interior that takes them back to their priorities. After all, just because you have to work in a modern environment doesn’t mean that you should embrace everything that is modern. Consequently, these Millennials, sometimes even referred to as hipsters – rightly or wrongly – love unique-looking furniture that is often a reproduction of old models. Additionally, quirky decors are also the perfect welcoming place for grandma’s antique wardrobe or the dusty furniture found in the attic of your childhood. The vintage lover knows how to restore old wooden elements, and, strangely enough, their interior furniture often looks much better for it than in most homes. After all, if you’re an IKEA enthusiast, you probably know that nothing replaces the quality of real wood.

The DIY home

Crafting has grown again in popularity with the Millennial generation. In fact, Instagram feeds are filled with handmade items, from clothing to repurposed furniture. In the DIY home, every piece of furniture is uniquely adjusted to fit in the decor. Do you have a three-legged table? No problem, you can repurpose it as a half-table console in the entryway. A wooden stepladder can transform into a small shelf unit. The imagination is the limit to DIY.

The geeky home

Last, but not least, Millennials have chosen to keep the heroes of their childhood alive. They’ve developed a level of knowledge that has earned them the official title of geeks. They know everything about Star Wars, Marvel heroes, or even Doctor Who. Their interior decor reflects their passion. From Star Wars bedsheets to turning your living room door into a Tardis door, a geeky decor is trendy and fun.  

Millennials are pushing the decor styles further. They are gender-neutral. They embrace geek themes. They love it modern and simple, or quirky and filled. They welcome their DIY side. In short, their interior is the extension of their life values.

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