The Rapid Rise Of Yoga — And Why You Should Start Doing It Too

Yoga is a practice rooted in ancient Indian traditions and it’s estimated to be over 5000 years old. Yet, it has gained popularity across the globe over the last decade and continues its rise, especially in the U.S. Studies have shown that the number of people practicing yoga has grown by over 60% in the last five years. Additionally, more than 20% of U.S. residents have done it in the last 5 months.

The majority of practitioners are ladies (almost 70%) but it’s interesting to learn that the number of male yoga practitioners has doubled during the last 4 years. It’s safe to say that yoga is rising rapidly and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Actual medical science claims that yoga can improve your health – both physical and mental. Various studies have shown that practicing yoga improves your flexibility, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and life quality. Not to mention that it reduces anxiety and stress.

Your physical and mental health is very important and this amazing activity can help you with your strength, mental clarity, and positive life attitude. If living a healthier lifestyle is one of your goals, you should give yoga a go. 

This article will explain why everybody should start doing it. There are countless benefits of yoga and today you will learn everything you need to know about it. Let’s begin!

Yoga Promotes Sleep Quality

If you have ever had trouble sleeping you know how annoying insomnia can be. A good night’s sleep is essential for your health and mind clarity. The good news is that practicing yoga can really help you sleep better. 

Having a constant yoga routine prepares your body for rest and gets you in the right mindset. Just a simple exercise, such as the “Legs up the wall” pose could make a huge difference. Remain in this pose for 10 to 15 minutes every night and allow yourself to relax and unwind. There are also various tools that can help you during your evening practices. Use promo code for Yogasleep and discover different sound machines and mattresses that can promote the quality of your sleep. Research has shown that white noise and natural sounds help you dive deeper into your yoga practice and feel calm and present at the moment.

Yoga is a great way to beat insomnia because it increases the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates your wakefulness and sleep. Not to mention that it has a great effect on depression, anxiety, and stress, which are significant contributors to sleeping problems.

Yoga Helps You Manage Stress

A relaxed body and reduced stress are often associated with practicing yoga. Numerous scientific studies have shown that yoga decreases the secretion of the primary stress hormone, called cortisol. 

Many people use yoga alongside other methods, such as meditation, but it isn’t necessary. In fact, you don’t have to be a skilled yogi at all to feel your stress easing. Just try some of the most simple poses that everyone can do. For example – Savasana or Corpse pose. All you need to do is to lie down with your palms facing up, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. This asana will clear your mind and seal your practice. Hold it for at least a few minutes at the end of each practice. Of course, if you have enough time try holding it for 15 minutes or more. It will do wonders for your mental health.

Yoga Improves Heart Health

The health of your heart is crucial and practicing yoga is one of the best ways to reduce many risk factors for heart disease. Studies have shown that yoga lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate and it’s strongly recommended for people over the age of 40. High blood pressure can be very dangerous, especially as you grow older. It can cause stroke or heart attacks and reducing the risks of those problems is essential.

Yoga can also decrease cholesterol (especially the “bad” LDL cholesterol) and stop the progression of numerous heart diseases. Losing those extra few pounds by practicing yoga may feel great, but it’s not all about the looks at all. Excess weight can contribute to heart problems and affect your overall health. 

Try incorporating some of the basic poses into your daily routine. For example – Downward facing dog, Cat-cow pose, Tree pose, etc. You will see a big difference in a few weeks. Once you start practicing yoga it will change your life completely. Even if you only have 10 minutes each day, make sure you show up on your mat. Yoga promotes self-care, gives you more energy, and brightens your mood. Start doing it today and you will see the results in no time. 

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