The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Green Tea

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Green tea is always touted as a superfood of sorts. It is held in high regard by health fanatics all around the world. The Japanese claim that green tea is partly responsible for the higher-than-average life expectancy. Yes, they think green tea helps them live longer!

Despite these bold claims, is there any scientific evidence to back them up? We decided to investigate further and catch up with some dietary experts. How healthy is green tea according to science, and can it really help us live longer?

The results are surprisingly and overwhelmingly positive. Green tea does hold a certain elixir to good health. Here are some of our favourite green tea health benefits.

It burns fat – In human trials, green tea proved crucial in helping people lose weight. The ingredients found in green tea boost the metabolic rate and oxidise fat reserves. It is particularly powerful in targeting the stubborn, and dangerous, belly fat. The scientific reason for this is tricky to explain. Essentially, the ingredients help by unlocking and mobilizing the fatty acids and tissues. They can then be burnt as energy.

Improves brain function – Most drinks or substances with caffeine boost brain function. The great thing about green tea is the healthy balance of caffeine. You’ll get the productivity hit and increased brain activity. But, you won’t get the coffee shakes when you overload! It’s a healthier

and more controlled way to get improve your energy and brain function.

Lower cancer risk – Any substance that claims to lower the risk of cancer ought to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, the antioxidants present in green tea do help to keep your cells strong and healthy. Studies have shown that men who regularly drink green tea were 48% less likely to develop prostate cancer. For women, the chances of breast cancer are lowered by 22%.

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Lower risk of heart disease. – detox tea, green herbal detox tea, and other healthy brews are associated with better cardiovascular function. Green tea helps lower cholesterol levels and tryglicerides. These are two of the biggest contributors to heart disease. By increasing your green tea consumption, you’re lowering your chances of developing one of the biggest killer conditions.

Lower risk of alzheimer’s – Dementia and alzheimer’s are two of the most terrifying conditions facing our elderly population. The loss of brain function and deterioration of the mind can be horrifying. Scientists claim that green tea can help keep neurons and brain connections strong and healthy. Green tea has also been linked to lower instances of Parkinson’s disease.

Longer life – All these health benefits add up to a longer, healthier life. Green tea helps preserve your essential organs and cells. It keeps your brain functioning and your heart healthy. There’s a reason why the Japanese live the longest lives: green tea!

If you still don’t trust the science, try switching your morning cup of coffee to a freshly brewed green tea. You’ll feel your energy levels shoot up immediately, and the long-terms health benefits speak for themselves.

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Our green tea of preference is Zing Tea. Zing tea comes in three different ranges; the Health Range focusses on maintaining a healthy weight range and providing a spark of energy when you need it, the Lifestyle Range is the key to true well-being (we love the Brighten Up tea, above). Using the finest tea leaves and unique, flavoursome blends, Zing Tea’s Lifestyle Range allows you to exhale and recharge, any time of day. The third range is the pretty Blossom Range, which is handmade with whole leaves and freshly dried flowers, brew a pot of Zing Blossom Tea and watch as it dances and blooms before you. Containing the immense health benefits of green tea and bursting with antioxidants, this tea is an experience for both mind and body.

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