Tips for a Small But Amazing Wedding Day

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If you dream of having an intimate wedding day, you’re going to want to make it as amazing as possible. So many people dream of having a wedding day filled full of expensive, grand things. There’s really no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on your wedding. You can have an unforgettable, low key day with these tips:

Be Vigilant With Your Guest List

You really need to be vigilant with your guest list. If you have a close friend but you’re not that close to her partner, only invite her. Do the same with the rest of your friends so that it doesn’t feel as if anybody has been singled out. This is the way guest lists get out of hand; people invite their friend’s entire family, and before you know it you have to feed the 5000. Be vigilant, and try not to worry too much about anybody’s feelings. When you know who to invite, you can look at free wedding invitation templates. If you feel you need to, explain why you’re cutting back on guests and they will understand. Real friends will always understand!

Host Somewhere That Means Something to You

Host your wedding somewhere that means something to you. Rather than choose a castle because you think it’s pretty, set up a marquee somewhere you like or even have it at your local pub. Providing it means something to you, you shouldn’t worry about what anybody else thinks.

Personalise it as Much You Can

Personalising your wedding makes it special to you and stop it from blending in with every other wedding. Use colours you love, and incorporate special memories in any way you can. This will have the guests reaching for their pack of tissues before you know it!

Make Sure You’re Both Happy

You should both be happy with the way the wedding day is set to turn out. It’s about you both, after all! Most people put focus on the bride for the big day, but the groom matters too. You want it to mean something to him and be a day he remembers, so ask for his input. Don’t be a bridezilla!

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Be Flexible

Try to be flexible, and you’ll stress much less. If you can change your ideal date, you might be able to save a substantial amount of money. Getting married on a weekday is unusual, and therefore very cheap. You should also be flexible with vendors and other elements of the wedding. Try not to get too attached to anything. It’s really easy to get stressed out. Take a few deep breaths and accept that you weren’t supposed to get that date/venue/vendor. You’ll feel much better. The end result is the same!

Most people lose sight of why they are getting married in the first place. It’s about celebrating your love as a couple, not having the biggest, most ridiculous party. Make sure you keep it in mind and always look at the bigger picture. Good luck for the future!

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