How To Avoid Backache When You’re Really Busy


When you’re rushing about all day, it can be really easy to get into bad habits with your posture. And when you’re hurrying, it’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to moving and lifting things. Strains and muscle aches in the back, shoulder and neck are very common. But they can be so uncomfortable. And sometimes it can get so painful that you can’t think of anything else.

Back pain can be caused by many things. Illness and some medical conditions can make the back feel achy. Menstruation can also make the lower back feel very uncomfortable. When the pain is in the muscles, chances are you’ve pulled something. And the weaker your back muscles are, the more chance you have of being in pain from strain.

It’s so important to keep your muscles strong and flexible throughout your body. They support the skeleton and provide you with the range of movements you need every day. Only regular exercise can keep them strong. Taking just three minutes each day to stretch out those muscles could help relieve tension as well as building the strength you need for great posture.

Starting at the top, extend the neck. It should feel like someone is pulling the top of your head upward. Allow the shoulders to relax back and downwards to fully lengthen the neck. Try a couple of turns to the left and right. This helps the full range of movements your neck and head should be able to do. Rotating your shoulders may be uncomfortable when you’re tense or injured. Instead, try shrugging them up and holding it for a count of ten. Then let them drop suddenly.

While sitting in your chair at the office, sit up as straight-backed as you can, lengthening the neck. Now rotate from the waist, so the hips don’t move. Grab the back of the chair on one side with both arms to help pull you round a little more. Hold for just a few seconds. Then do the other side. It’s best to do exercises when you’re feeling cosy and warm, rather than chilly or cold.

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Many people rave about the benefits of hanging upside down. It’s true that it can help create extra length in the spine. While we’re awake and upright, the spine can compact. And poor posture or weak muscles can aggravate the effects of that. Yoga postures like Downward Dog can help lengthen the spine out again. It can be a very pleasant stretch too!

If you have regular pains and aches in your back, it could be a good idea to book an appointment with a chiropractor. They specialise in pain management and posture correction to help with back problems. A chiropractor may also give you some exercises to try at home. This may help strengthen weakened muscles or relax areas that are in a state of tension.

Avoiding backache can also be achieved by taking care when lifting things. Even a heavy handbag can cause a twinge or two! Relaxation is important for the back as well. Take care of your back today to be pain-free.


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