Getting Fit From The Ground Up

Getting fit is no mean feat. We’re often told it’s as simple as slinging on some running shoes and hitting the streets. The problem is, if you haven’t done the groundwork there’s no way you can stick at it, or it’ll be far harder too. Getting fit and healthy is about overhauling your lifestyle rather than doing something for a few weeks and then stopping. From your workout gear to your kitchen fittings, make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success by working from the ground up.

The Kitchen

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They say that getting fit and healthy starts in the kitchen. You can consolidate on the work you do here by cardio, strength training, and body workouts, but your kitchen has to function effectively and work for you as an aid to fitness. This may sound extreme but the little details really do matter. If it’s too much effort to cook a healthy dinner when we get back from work, some of us reach for the fail-safe ready meals. If we don’t feel like washing up most of us will swerve the post-workout smoothie and grab a convenient bag of crisps or chocolate bar instead. The kitchen should be your engine room in terms of fitness, here’s how to make it work…

Firstly make sure you’ve removed all of your unhealthy food and stocked the fridge and cupboards with food you should be eating. Keeping fit is far harder if you feel like you’re restricting yourself. Surround yourself with foods that it’s okay to snack on and eat when hungry. Meal prep is a much-talked about fitness aid. You can also invest in some large jars for your kitchen. Put nuts, vegetable crisps and other healthy snacks in these. This will feel familiar and you can grab a handful when you need a snack. They also make a nice decorative addition to the kitchen!

There will be a lot of washing up to do when you have meal prep. The idea is to cook in bulk and then store food for the week. Make sure you have enough room in your fridge and freezer for leftovers. Also, buy lots of different sizes of Tupperware that you can use throughout the week. You’ll need to utilise the space you have so if you do have. Stainless steel sinks are easy to clean and durable, so make for a good kitchen addition. They also have a bigger bowl capacity, for all that washing up!

The Workout Gear

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Now that you’re kitchen is ready to support your new lifestyle change your clothes need to be too. Don’t look at all these investments as one-time costs, they should last you a lifetime because fitness is a lifestyle change. A good pair of workout shoes is a must. You may want a lighter pair for the gym and a more cushioned pair for any cardio. You can check out reviews online to find the best shoes for the sports you want to do.

Next, you’ll need to buy some good quality workout gear. You’ll need lightweight breathable jumpers for the winter and vests or t-shirts for summer. Make sure you love the clothes you choose. Try them on and determine whether or not they are comfortable. If you love your workout gear you’ll be more likely to hit the gym!

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