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As I was cleaning up after dinner last night (as one does), I had ACA on the tv in the background, when the story on Julie Goodwin tweaked my interest View story here.
As you probably have heard by now, Julie posed on the cover of a well known Australian weekly magazine in her swimsuit. Great, we all say… power to her for having the self confidence to do so.
However, Julie has come under scrutiny from columnist, Ros Reines of the Sydney Telegraph... again! Going by ACA’s interview with Ros, she isn’t exactly a Paris, Milan, New York model herself and it looks to me like she has had a face lift and botox (seriously, her face doesn’t move the whole time she was on screen and her mouth looks like it is forced to move when she speaks!).  So what right does it give her to mouth off and bad mouth other women? Ros also took a swing at Deborah Hutton regarding her ‘photoshopped’ Women’s Weekly cover. 
Does it make her feel better about herself and her own self worth or is it just to create publicity for her column? There must be a million other things Ros could write about.. healthy eating and the effect on our bodies and minds, perhaps? Surely, there are other more news worthy topics going on in the world she could have an opinion on than criticising others?

To me, Julie looked like the average 41 year old with her height and body shape. Julie isn’t fat, her weight is mainly distributed around her middle, like a lot of middle aged ladies of her height and shape.  I love how Julie describes herself as a ‘teapot’; short and stout. 
When are females going to accept that we are all different? We all aren’t like models and celebrities who starve themselves and work out for hours a day to stay stick thin and who are usually tall to go with it. The typical diet of a celebrity is scrambled egg whites for breakfast, grilled or steamed fish or chicken and salad or steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner. That cannot be healthy. Gwenyth Paltrow has had to change her diet because living on a diet like this for years had given her Osteoporosis.  
Living like the celebrity/model is just as unhealthy as someone who is overweight or obese, yet we criticise the healthy ‘curvy’ female (who eats sensibly and exercises daily) and accept the unhealthy acts of the ‘perfect or ideal’ female, as it is seen as the ‘ideal or society norm’ to be that way. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? It is no wonder women have such low self worth and strive to be unhealthily thin.  We all come in different shapes, sizes and heights. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same?

THIS is how we should all think about our bodies:

What are your thoughts? 

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  • WhatJaneSays

    I agree that we should embrace diversity in how people look.

    But seriously, ACA is the biggest culprit in promoting the most sensationalist television junk. I don’t watch the show but the ads are always spouting some kind of hysteria or expose.
    Shows like ACA are actually part of the problem.
    I have also stopped reading most ‘womens’ magazines as I believe our obsession with celebrity is becoming so destructive.

    As a mother to a daughter, I have spent years building a relationship which focuses body acceptance. It’s important for all women to stop comparing ourselves. Be grateful for a healthy functioning body. Know that photoshop and extreme diets are responsible for most body images we are exposed to. Let women embrace our differences.

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