How To Create A Yoga Space At Home


Your yoga space might well be all around you, but so is everybody else! Whether you like to practice yoga, pilates or even a little zen meditation, you’ll need your own space. Somewhere to turn off from the world and tune into your practice. It’s not enough to be banished to the garage! It is no longer acceptable for you to drag your mat out from behind the couch. Your practice is a serious part of who you are. Your time has come to create your own space.

If your new practice room is a part of a wish list you’ll already be talking to someone like the renovation company, that will understand what you want. Choose a company that is committed to the quality you want.

It could be that you have an existing room in mind. You could work with a spare bedroom for example.


Clear the Space

The first thing you do is take everything else out. Hopefully, you’ve negotiated with the previous occupant. You want to make this space your own and that means clearing everything that is not of you.

Source of light and heat.

Whatever your practice is you will want a room to come into that can be preset to warm up to whatever temperature is necessary. You want as few distractions as possible. Quiet is good, with a remote that will enable you to change the temperatures without too much disturbance.

You main light source will hopefully be your window. But you won’t want to be overlooked or disturbed or the focus of anyone’s interest. Lovely bamboo blinds might be just the thing, and you could also use a natural fabric curtain for nights and winter time.

Feel the Floor

You get a spend a lot of time here and it’s not the end of the world if you have a carpet and you don’t want to take it up. Most studios would have a bamboo or light wooden floor. Sprung flooring might be taking it a little too far. It’s fairly easy to get a laminated wood that could slide in easily over your existing wood or concrete floor. These floors are smooth and welcoming and will take your mat nicely. They’ll also clean up a treat with some natural tea tree oil.


Although you don’t want to incorporate furniture, a focal point is a good idea. A small table can serve as an altar if you like to practice with a deity. Or it is somewhere to keep candles, which can be so calming when you practice. Incense holders too will need somewhere to live.


It’s a personal thing but some people find that they like to have a mirrored wall. It can make the space feel bigger. You can keep an eye on some balancing postures. You might decide that you prefer the anonymity of a painted wall. Any natural colour will work well and make a great background for any wall hangings you might want to bring into your space.

You will also need somewhere to store your yoga mats and straps, not to mention cushions, blankets and boxes.

Add in some music, perhaps some speakers, and you will be almost ready to unroll your mat and finally, really breathe.

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