How To Sleep Better

Did you know that lack of sleep has more impact on our bodies than lack of food?  There is far less impact on your body from ditching your dinner for a few days than ditching the sleep.  Crazy, but true.

Sleep deprivation is a common leader of depression and anger.  It plays havoc with our brains and decision-making.  It doesn’t take long to have an effect either.  Lose just one night’s sleep and you will feel the strain within 24 hours, the after effects will last much longer.  However, we can be losing sleep without even realising it.  

So let’s take a look at the best ways to improve the way you snooze and how to catch up if you have missed a few hours.  It’s not as simple as counting sheep but there are plenty of ways you can get your routine back on track and feel the effects almost immediately.

Your bed is a vital tool when it comes to support and sleep.  Many people opt for a memory foam mattress and just chuck it on their current bed frame.  However, these guys are a lot heavier than their coil-sprung cousins so it pays to do a little research on the best foundation for memory foam mattress.  

What you place on your bed matters a lot too.  From the weight of your pillow to the top of your duvet.  Some of us feel more comforted by the warm heavy snuggle of a big cover, others prefer the more delicate touch of a single cotton sheet.  Think about what makes you feel relaxed, you could draw inspiration from hotels you have stayed in.

Switching off the technology is important for sleeping better.  We know, that watching TV in bed is one of those evening luxuries but it honestly is very bad for catching the Z’s.  Research says turning all technology off an hour before bed will give your brain time to unwind.  You could take up a little meditation too.  It isn’t going to kill you to step away from the phone for a little longer, consider removing the temptation of messages by flipping on airplane mode.

Eating late is another no-no.  Putting fuel into our bodies wakes up the digestive system so asking your body to shut down soon after a tasty bowl of risotto is kind of like asking you to do the ironing and tie your shoelaces at the same time.  Try not to eat after 8 pm but if that is impossible because of your routine, make sure the last meal you eat is light and easily digested. 

Stick to a good routine.  Go to bed at the same time each night.  Our bodies like a regular set of rituals it follows at the same time everyday.  10pm is the best hour for getting good quality rest.  Try and set a bedtime alarm, where you start your routine 30 minutes before the main event.  

Follow our tips and you’ll soon be sleeping like a baby. 

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