Stop Getting Sick So Often!

There’s one of them in every family and every workplace. The person who seems to always be sick. Others might think that it’s convenient you spend so much time in bed but the truth is that it’s deeply frustrating and all-too-inconvenient. But there might be a few changes you can make that could see a stronger you. We’ll go over them now.

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The body needs a proper schedule

While the whole reason we need it is still not fully understood, there’s no doubt that sleep is hugely important to your health. Not getting enough can result in a weaker immune system, but that’s not all. Too much sleep and even sleeping at the wrong times of the day can have a serious effect. You need to get to know your own body clock and be strict about setting yourself a bed time.

Ask about the vitamins you might be lacking

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the most common reasons that we get sick so often, especially when it comes to vitamin C and D. While improving your diet is going to have an obvious help, you should make sure you’re getting what you need.  If you’re taking any medication, you should get in touch with your doctor to see if it’s safe to introduce things like supplements and multivitamins.

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Take hygiene seriously

The people you spend time with might very well be the reason you’re sick so often. Not just those people, but how you deal with your hygiene when you get in contact with others. For adults, most of the threat comes from children at home, bringing school illnesses with them, or from the workplace. Practising a bit more personal hygiene might be all you need to keep yourself protected from a lot of those illnesses

Look at your environment

The very place around you might be a reason you’re getting sick, as well. At home, you can do most to eliminate the dangers from the environment. For example, clean out any ventilation in the home so dust doesn’t get clogged and spread around the home. Buildups of dust and debris in furniture can result in a lot of allergens causing trouble too. A bit of hot water through your bed sheets can make them a lot safer.

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Focus on the mind, not just the body

Emotional and mental well being has a huge effect on your bodily health, as well. Besides big links to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, stress also has the effect of lowering our immune system. On the other hand, laughing more and finding more enjoyment in life can have the opposite effect. Not only can it improve your immune system, but it can make you more tolerant to pain. If regular headaches are a problem, a rush of endorphins, also as easily gained through exercise, can act like a painkiller.

Of course, if you’re truly getting frequently, badly sick, you really need to see your doctor. There are a lot of illnesses that can produce symptoms that might look like regular bugs, as well as those that can lower your immune system. Otherwise, hopefully, the tips help you see a little less of the sickbed.

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