Simple Tips to Make your Home Safer and Healthier

Since your health is more important, it is important to take the necessary precautions. This can be done by ensuring a clean and safer home environment. A safe and healthier environment does not only make your home attractive but also protects your health. The following are some of the ways to make your home safer and healthier:

Get your home tested

Why should you get your home tested? Well, this helps to check for lead paint and radon. Lead and radon contain harmful chemical content that might risk the health of your family. For instance lead poisoning can cause mental problems and radon can cause cancer. The major cause of lead poisoning is old paint, so if your house was built a long time ago renovation might be the solution.

Get rid of dust

Another secret for a healthier and safer home is simply getting rid of dust. Dust is a major cause of allergy and allergic infections. Dust may also contain harmful substance like pesticides, fire retardants and lead that might risk your entire home. The most effective way of getting rid of dust is vacuuming. Use a vacuum with HEPA filter and strong suction. This will help clear dust completely.

Use non- toxic cleaning products

Cleaning is a major secret behind any healthy home. So, when it comes to cleaning, avoid using toxic products as much as possible. This includes the use of cleaning products with ammonia, chlorine or petroleum. For example the use of ammonia cleaning products can cause asthma.

Instead, make your own DIY cleaner or use nontoxic cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to get rid of stains. To prevent mold growth and kill germs, use a mixture of borax with sugar. It is also recommended to get Simplymaid cleaning in Australia if you want to learn about chemical free cleaning.

Be careful with hot liquids

Hot liquids are very dangerous. For the sake of your kids, keep hold liquid away. Hot water is very dangerous and can lead to painful burns. It is advisable to check and control water temperature in the bathtub before you start cleaning your kids. Also ensure that kid’s drinks and food are not too hot to cause a burn. In addition to that, do not allow kids to the kitchenette especially when cooking.

Be careful with plastics

Many plastics contains biphenyl A which is a harmful chemical. This chemical can cause incurable diseases like cancer, brain problems or even prostate gland infections. So, it is important to avoid the use of plastic utensils such as water bottles, baby bottles, dishes, cups, and spoons. Instead, the use of melamine or glass utensils could be the option. Also avoid storing food in plastic containers.

Eat healthy food

Organic foods are healthier as compared to processed or canned food. Always make it a habit to eat organic foods because they are highly nutritious thus making your body stronger. In addition to that, organic foods are chemical free hence protecting your from some diseases. Although they are expensive, organic foods have more benefits.

Filter your tap water

Contaminated water can cause waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Although tap water is already treated, it might contain some contaminants like lead, chlorine and pesticides. For these reasons, you MUST filter your tap water before using it.

Control your light

Poor lighting may cause eye problems, headache or lack of sleep. It is that advisable to use proper and safe light. For instance, lack of sleep due to poor lighting can cause cancer, memory loss or mental problems.

The above are some of the tips and tricks for a healthy and safe home. They will keep your house clean, attractive and ensure the health of your loved ones is protected.

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