7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Travelling

Stimulus to exercise while traveling can be tricky, but there are many proven ways to stay healthy and fit when you are on the move. We will look at the best tips to help you to be fit and stay in shape when you are traveling. It doesn’t matter what kind of training routine you have back home. When you are on the road, everything is different, you need to think about a bunch of things that disrupt your busy day. If you learn how to overcome these obstructions, you can return from your journey in a way better shape than ever. In this article, you can see how you can stay fit while taking a trip so that you don’t have to worry about getting back into shape when you get back home.

1. Explore the city

Nothing is better than burning calories and exploring new things at the same time, because a 60-minute walk will burn between 250 and 300 calories, you won’t realize how many calories you’ve lost until you are back home. Walking can also strengthen your heart, lower your blood sugar and ease joint pain. If you happen to be in the UAE, you can seek a credible personal trainer in Abu Dhabi to help you stay in shape.

2. Take high intensity and short duration training

This kind of training is perfect for a fit traveler, because not only you can save valuable time, but you can also double the amount of burned calories. So, go for a high-intensity, short-duration exercise, also known as HIIT, and use your remaining valuable time to do whatever you love.  

3. Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is the most important thing when you travel. You can easily forget to drink water during busy travel trips with all that sightseeing and taking flights. Water needs to be your priority number one when you are on the move. It will help you stay focused and in shape. Buy a big bottle to always have your water with you and remember to always refill it.

4. Take trips that will spike your heart rate

Wherever you are, you can take certain activities like hiking, swimming, rock climbing, or kayaking. The possibilities are limitless. Even if you are not looking for an adrenaline thrill, these activities can be the best medicine. It’s proven that’s better for a human being to be surrounded by nature, trees, and fresh air. 

5. Buy elastic bands

Elastic bands are ideal if you prefer to do your training indoors. They are very practical, and you can carry them everywhere. The best part is that they build muscle in the same way as free weights or some gym machines do. A jump rope is another alternative that is lightweight, practical, and good for your exercises, especially the cardio ones.

6. Keep an eye on the food you eat

Whether heading out on a business trip, taking a vacation, or visiting your family even the most experienced travelers can fall off their nutrition game. Being away from home and routine is a very powerful temptation that can lead you to eat too much and forget about your usual diet. You can bring a few travel-friendly kitchen accessories like forks, plates, a small practical sharp knife, and cloth napkins that will help as you eat the food you’ve brought with you.

7. Sleep well

 Sleep is essential for your well-being. Everyone needs sleep in order to stay in shape, feel restored and maximize their workouts. Remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep, because increased quantity and quality of sleep boosts your overall athletic performance and reduces stress.

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