The Power Of A 24 Hour Break

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Feeling stressed out? Feel like you are stuck on the treadmill off life? Need a break but not sure how? Rosemary Eddowes, Solar Springs Retreat Herbalist and Life Coach, Paul Cox explore the benefits of switching off for a day and having some much needed ‘me time.’
For many of us, at the end of the year we are all in need of a much-needed break, especially before the extended family arrives for Christmas.

The benefits of escaping your daily routine and switching off for even 24 hours are greater than you think! Solar Springs experts offer their tips on the benefits of switching off and focusing on yourself, even for just 24 hours.
1. Take a short getaway. Short breaks are far easier to fit into our busy lifestyles, making them more achievable than an extended break and offer a prime opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful regions in Australia. Putting yourself in new surroundings can stimulate the brain and allow you to listen to your body. I encourage our Solar Spring guests to mix up daily routines to allow them to switch off – if you work an office job, then spend time outside being active or simply be alone and focus on yourself. Solar Springs naturopath and herbalist, Rosemary.
2. Switching off for 24 hours. Mini breaks allow you to switch off which provides proven benefits in general health and wellbeing, with improvements in sleep and a reduction in stress. Taking 24 hours to switch off to focus on rejuvenating your mind and body can keep stress from taking hold and enables you to build resilience and function more productively in daily life. – Solar Springs naturopath and herbalist, Rosemary.

3. Book yourself in. One of the ways to recharge mentally is to have something to look forward to. Take a few minutes out your day to schedule in a treat and book a mini getaway, whether it’s a massage, a manicure, a weekend away. Always have one thing to look forward to. – Solar Springs Life coach, Paul.
4. Do nothing. To get really good at relaxing you have to master the art of being lazy. This means scheduling some time in to do nothing, or to watch mindless T.V. or anything that is non-duty based and do to it without guilt. Often our energy comes from giving ourselves a deliberate rest (rather than waiting until we’re exhausted). – Solar Springs Life coach, Paul.
5. Meditate. Spend just 5 minutes meditating. You don’t have to get caught up in any complex methods or doing it perfectly (thoughts will pop in), simply follow your breathing in and out of your body, or as you exhale focus on a simple word such as ‘calm’. As thoughts come in, observe them and just return back to your breathing and/or word. Perform this as a daily ritual to get the subtle benefits that come from meditation.

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If you’re looking for your next escape from reality check out Solar Springs Retreat, located in the picturesque New South Wales Southern Highlands. It is an ideal location for a mid-week or weekend break. Guests at Solar Springs are invited to choose their own retreat program, from lifestyle to health retreats that nurture the mind, body and soul.
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